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Working at Channable

Being a Channable employee means working with diverse and fun people who trust and help you along the way

Just a little taste of the vibes you'll find at Channable. With over 250 colleagues filled with interests and passions, we're sure you'll find a group to click with!

Why Channable

Our culture is as colorful as the rainbow, with introverts, extroverts, and everything in between. We could never explain the whole story here. But feel free to check out our Culture Playbook to get a feel.

Our Story

Channable has always had one goal: To empower retailers and online marketers to manage their online marketing. This dream began in 2014 with a small team from the University of Utrecht and has grown to a company of over 250 employees with two rounds of investments, representing more than 30 nationalities. Presently, the company operates from its newly established HQ in Utrecht, as well as branches in Berlin, and New York City.

At the heart of Channable's culture lies a people-centric approach, evident in the team's dedication to supporting and uplifting one another. Comprising a vibrant blend of professionals, Channable envisions itself as a nurturing environment that provides each member with the necessary tools, guidance, and autonomy to realize their full potential, fostering a collective journey of growth, positivity and fulfillment for all.

Robert Kreuzer, Stefan Hospes, and Rob van Nuenen Founders of Channable

Vision & Mission

Our Values

Want to learn more about Channable's values?

Adventures at Channable

Channable is a tight-knit, collaborative workplace where professionals come together to foster a culture of growth, ownership, and doing good, creating a supportive environment for knowledge-sharing and personal development.